Pluggerz All-Fit Reusable Swim Earplugs for Adults

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When it comes to keeping water out of your ears while swimming, Pluggerz Swim earplugs are a great choice for anyone who prefers a pre-molded reusable earplug over a moldable silicone putty earplug. These reusable pre-molded swimming earplugs last longer, and when sized properly, they are quicker to insert, and they provide more reliable protection from water. With their triple-flange design and soft, anti-allergenic silicone material, Pluggerz Swim earplugs are comfortable for long days at the pool or beach. (And unlike wax earplugs, these Pluggerz reusable earplugs for swimming are not sensitive to heat, and can be safely used on even very warm days.) One size fits most adults. Includes a handy carrying pouch so you can keep track of your swimming earplugs on the go. Need a child-sized earplug for swimming and water? Try Pluggerz Swim for KIDS -- they're a smaller size, and they come in cute pink and cool blue. You May Like: More Ear Plugs for Swimming
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