Pluggerz PRO All-Fit Reusable Earplugs (NRR 22-27.9)

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Pluggerz Pro Earplugs are ideal for:
  • Hazardously loud work environments
  • Communicate without removing earplugs
  • Extended comfortable daily use
When you work in a hazardously loud environment, hearing protection becomes a part of your daily routine. To keep your ears protected from noise-induced hearing loss in a noisy workplace, there is no choice other than wearing hearing protection for long hours at a time. Pluggerz Pro reusable earplugs feature a comfortable triple-flange tip made of soft, anti-allergenic silicone material all designed especially to stand up to very frequent usage with minimal ear fatigue. With special filters, Pluggerz Pro earplugs protect your hearing without distorting important sounds around you such as voices and alarms (which can often happen with industrial foam earplugs). This allows for clear communication in the workplace. Includes earplugs, cord, and handy clip to prevent your Pluggerz earplugs from getting lost. When hearing protection becomes a part of your day-to-day life, you need comfortable and effective reusable hearing protection (a greener and more economical choice than foam earplugs, which should be discarded and replaced after every use to maintain critical hygiene and proper noise blocking). When it comes to meeting all the highest standards for an excellent reusable earplug for workers, Pluggerz Pro hits the nail right on the head. Pluggerz All-Fit reusable earplugs feature a universal fit: one size comfortably fits most adults. Get the metal detectable version with Pluggerz Pro DETEC. Includes earplugs, cord, cord clip, plus a free pocket-size storage pouch to keep your Pluggerz clean and safe between uses. You May Like: More Pluggerz PRO Ear Plugs
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