Pluggerz All-Fit Music Premium Earplugs (SNR 16)

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Pluggerz Music Premium Earplugs are top-notch flat attenuation hearing protectors for professional musicians and music lovers. These earplugs provide the closest thing you can get to a volume knob that lets you turn down the whole world around you. With flat attenuation, Pluggerz Music Premium earplugs take the dangerous edge off of loud noise without distorting the music. Few other musician's earplugs can fairly claim to provide truly flat sound attenuation, which sets Pluggerz Music Premium above most of the rest. When you need hearing protection to prevent ringing ears, noise-induced hearing loss, and tinnitus, but you absolutely can't sacrifice sound quality or clarity, Pluggerz Music Premium earplugs are a sure bet. If music is a big part of your life, then you know how punishing live music can be on your ears. Whether you are taking in a show, playing a gig yourself, or just putting in a few hours of practice, you already know how ringing ears -- frequently the first noticeable harbinger of permanent noise-induced hearing loss -- can be a brutal punishment for too much noise exposure. Listen to your music safely now, so you can keep on hearing music well and clearly for a long time to come. Note: If you are a "turn the volume up to 11 even though the knob only goes to 10" kind of person, or if you just need some effective hearing music protection that won't give you a stuffed-up feeling while you're at a show or the club, check out the much more economical regular Pluggerz Music earplugs for affordable, heavier music hearing protection. You May Like: More Premium Music Earplugs
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