Pluggerz All-Fit Music Earplugs (NRR 23.1-28.1)

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Pluggerz All-Fit Music earplugs are universal fit musician's ear plugs. Unlike regular foam earplugs, Pluggerz Music earplugs feature special noise filters that help "turn down the volume" by blocking out hazardously loud noise around you, while still allowing you to hear and enjoy your favorite music. Pluggerz Music earplugs are ideal for high-noise music festivals, concerts, and clubs. (With a low-profile fit and a subtle black-and-clear design, Pluggerz Music also lets you protect your hearing without announcing to the world that you're wearing earplugs.) Turn the volume down without missing a beat with Pluggerz Music earplugs. With NRR 23.1-28.1 protection from noise, Pluggerz Music earplugs are an excellent choice for rock, metal, hip hop, techno, and other very high-volume live venues. Enjoy your music without damaging your hearing. For less noise blocking and even clearer hearing, try Pluggerz All-Fit Music PREMIUM Earplugs -- these cost more, but they also offer the sound clarity of no-sound-distortion flat noise attenuation. Includes one pair of music earplugs and a handy zippered storage pouch. You May Like: More Music Earplugs
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