Pluggerz All-Fit Sleep Earplugs (NRR 21.9-29.4)

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Pluggerz Sleep earplugs are designed especially to help you get a good night's sleep -- even if you live with a snoring spouse, inconsiderate neighbors, or relentless traffic noise. With special filters that offer some of the highest protection (NRR 21.9-29.4 protection from noise) available in the whole Pluggerz all-fit reusable earplug line, Sleep earplugs block out unwanted and disturbing noises so you can get the vital sleep you need (while still allowing you to hear very loud buzzers and alarms). With a triple-flange tip made of soft anti-allergenic silicone material, Pluggerz Sleep earplugs form a good seal against noise, and they are comfortable enough for every day usage. A low-profile design helps keep these earplugs comfortable from dusk until dawn (though, as with any earplugs for sleeping, side-sleepers may want to add an Ear Pillow in addition to their regular pillows to maximize comfort). With warm water and soap, these reusable ear plugs can also be cleaned, so one pair can last for weeks or even months. Includes one pair of earplugs for sleeping and a handy storage pouch to stow these away during the day. Or night! If you work graveyard, you definitely need earplugs. You May Like: More Ear Plugs for Sleeping
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