Pluggerz All-Fit Hobby Earplugs (NRR 22-27.9)

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Pluggerz Hobby earplugs are exactly what your tool belt, crafting room, or workshop has been missing. These reusable triple-flanged ear plugs are designed to prevent the hearing damage that often comes along with working with loud tools. Pluggerz Hobby offers just the right amount of hearing protection (NRR 22-27.9) to take the dangerous edge off all that noise, while still giving you the clear hearing and situational awareness you need to stay safe. Still Hear What's Going On -- Safely
With Pluggerz Hobby earplugs, you can still clearly talk with the people around you. You can also still hear important buzzers and alarms. Each earplug contains a unique filter specially designed to deal with common hobby activity and power tool noise levels. Whether you are drilling, hedge trimming, angle grinding, or just hammering in a few nails, hearing protection should be as much a part of your every-day hobby kit as your safety goggles. Comfortable Fit for Frequent Use
Pluggerz All-Fit Hobby earplugs are made of soft anti-allergenic silicone material designed to be gentle on your ears. Hobby earplugs also feature a triple-flanged design for a good fit and a strong seal against noise. These reusable earplugs can be washed with soap and water (always allow to air dry thoroughly), and with proper maintenance a single pair can last for weeks or even months of frequent use. A handy storage pouch is included, so you can keep your Hobby earplugs safe and clean between uses. Sounds over 80dB can become serious hearing hazards. Remember that there are often other sounds in your environment other your own tools, which can make your whole workspace louder and more hazardous. A woodworking class can easily top 100dB -- and even unrelated sounds such as traffic noise from outside can contribute to the stress on your ears (heavy traffic alone comes in somewhere between 70dB and 85dB). The higher the sound level in an area, the less time you can safely spend in that area before beginning to take hearing damage. So the more you love to drill, saw, and sand your way to DIY crafting nirvana, the more critical it is to properly protect your hearing. You May Like: More Hobby & DIY Ear Plugs
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