NoNoise DIY & Gardening Model 154 Silicone Free Thermoplastic Reusable Ear Plugs with Precise Noise Filtration (SNR 19) (One Pair with Carry Case)

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NoNoise DIY & Gardening Earplugs are perfect for use around the house, garage, workshop, and yard. Did you know: power tools, lawn mowers, and leaf blowers can all potentially put out more than 100dB of noise? For comparison, the maximum safe noise level in an industrial workplace is only 85dB! That means your pursuit of the perfect lawn or your hours spent industriously improving your home could be damaging your hearing. Never fear: NoNoise Ear Plugs are here! These earplugs provide hearing protection tuned for use with noisy home and garden tools. And thanks to their unique sound filtering process, you can still communicate easily and clearly while wearing these hearing protectors.
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