NewSound TI-100 In-Ear White Noise Sleep Aid (One Pair)

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For best results in using the TI100 to protect against loud snoring or other noises, we recommend the use of Comply T-200 Foam tips. Using the Comply memory foam ear tips with the TI100 is highly recommended for improving both comfort and noise blocking. You can add these excellent ear tips when you order for an additional charge, or you may purchase them separately here.

NewSound TI-100 In-Ear White Noise Sleep Aid offers a new level of comfort and performance when you are trying to sleep with a snoring partner or deal with other irritating night-time noises.

As Featured in The New Yorker February, 2016.

As a sleep aid, the TI-100 provides three levels of noise protection.

First, the ultra-soft memory foam tips work like an ear plug to help block the noise that is keeping you awake, whether from a snoring spouse, outside traffic or noisy neighbors in the apartment next door.

Second, the TI-100 produces a gentle masking sound that raises your threshold of hearing so you are not so easily jarred from sleep when a noise occurs in the night. A natural response to a quieter space is that your hearing becomes more acute. This makes sense in that our ancestors needed to wake instantly to sounds in the night, lest they be eaten by a sabre tooth tiger while they slept! Today, this normal response just makes your sleep more difficult, because every little sound in the night can wake you, ruining your sleep patterns and leaving you groggy and un-rested the next day. By raising your threshold of hearing, the TI-100 will let you sleep through louder sounds than you can without it.

Third, the masking sound produced by the TI-100 helps to drown out, or mask, the irritating noises you would hear without it. Audiologists will tell you that the closer the masking sound matches the noise you are trying to avoid, the more effective will be the masking sound in preventing you from hearing the unwanted noise. To help get a better match, the TI-100 provides four user-selectable sound profiles you can choose as needed by simply pushing a button on the device. Do you need a different sound in each ear? No problem. Each earpiece is independently adjustable, for both volume and sound profile selection. The sounds produced by the TI-100 carry no information so your mind quickly tunes out the masking sound, whichever profile you are using, leaving you with nothing to interrupt your deep and rejuvenating sleep.

NewSound TI-100 In-Ear White Noise Sleep Aid and Tinnitus Masker Features and Benefits:

  • Universal-fit, ultra small, ergonomically shaped earpieces with replaceable tips to fit nearly everyone in maximum comfort.
  • Small enough that the device fits well down in the ear cavity so that the TI-100 is comfortable to lie on for most people.
  • Two kinds of replaceable tips included; ultra soft sound blocking memory foam and open ear soft silicone tips, both in two sizes to fit most adults. Once you know which tips you prefer, replacements are available for order below.
  • Four user-selectable sound profiles that can be chosen by pushing a button on each device.
  • Volume trimmer adjustment on each device allows you to set the volume independently in each ear. The maximum volume is limited to a safe level for all day or all night listening without danger of hearing damage. (Maximum volume = 83 dB ± 3dB)
  • Powered by standard A10 hearing aid batteries (batteries included.) Estimated battery life is 60-90 hours of continuous use, depending on the volume setting.
  • 30 day free replacement guarantee for defective units, and a full year $25 repair warranty.
Now Available in Regular and Lite Versions How do I choose? Now you can choose between the original TI-100, which we developed primarily for noise management during sleep and the new TI-100-LT, which doubles as a tinnitus masker as well as helping manage noise during sleep. There are just a few differences between the two models. First, the original TI-100 has a tiny trimmer to adjust the volume, which requires a tool (included), and the volume is adjustable from a low of about 70 to a high of 83 dB. Our customers have told us that 70 dB is too high a minimum volume level for use as a tinnitus masker, so we developed the TI-100-LT to address this issue. The TI-100-LT has a fingertip volume adjustment, so no tool is required, and the volume is adjustable from inaudible to a maximum of 83 dB so you can use as little or as much sound as you need, and then change the volume easily whenever you need to do so. The Lite version offers just one comfortable masking sound and is, therefore, less expensive than the TI-100, which offers 4 different sound profiles. The multiple sound profiles can be of great benefit in helping you find the right masking sound during sleep in your unique situation. In summary, we suggest you choose the TI-100 if you are using it exclusively for sleep as it provides the four different sound profiles which can be helpful in addressing your unique sleeping with noise challenge. If you are using the device primarily, or even partly as a tinnitus masker, we suggest you choose the TI-100-LT, because it gives you greater control over the volume setting which is crucial to this application: you should only use the minimum volume necessary to manage your tinnitus. Finally, if you need the devices for sleep and you are on a tight budget, go ahead and get the TI-100-LT. The sound it produces is a nice mid-range masking sound that will almost certainly work for you. We have sold hundreds of SnoreMasker Pros over the more than ten years we were able to get them, and these were a single sound device, much like the new TI-100-LT. Based on our return history for SnoreMasker Pro, these worked well for more than 90% of the users who tried them. We are happy to finally have a quality replacement for the SnoreMasker Pro to offer the legion of fans this device has garnered. If you need any help deciding which model is right for you, don't hesitate to contact us at - we are here to help. More NewSound Products & Accessories
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