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Got Ears?&reg MusicMinders™ Music Lover's Ear Plugs (NRR 19)

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MusicMinders™ Music Lover's Ear Plugs feature the unique Hocks Noise Braker® Acoustic Damping Filters that protect your hearing using the laws of physics and the principle of accelerated resonant decay to limit dangerously loud sounds, while still letting you clearly hear voices and all the music, but without the distortion you get with ordinary earplugs. MusicMinders™ let you hear voices and all the music, just at a reduced volume level that is more comfortable and less dangerous to your hearing. MusicMinders™ have a 5 flange, tapered design that comfortably fits most people from kids of about 4 years of age through adults. MusicMinders™ Are Recommended For:
  • Stage Performers, especially Singers and Guitarists
  • NightClub Staff, Customers, DJs and Performers
  • Concert  Audience Members and Security Staff
  • Church Members, Especially for Services With Loud Music
  • Individuals Bothered by Loud Everyday Noises
  • Hyperacusis Sufferers
MusicMinders™ package includes one pair of MusicMinders™, Durable KeyChain Carry Case and Instructions. For the very best fit and heavy usage, we recommend our Perfect-Fit Custom Molded Earplugs with Hocks Noise Braker Acoustic Damping Filters: