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MusicMinders Ultra Filtered Reusable Foam Musicians Ear Plugs (One Pair w/Carry Case) (NRR 11)

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MusicMinders Ultra Filtered Foam Ear Plugs give you the ability to protect your ears while still hearing music clearly, in an inexpensive and easy-to-use foam ear plug. MusicMinders Ultra are great for concerts, so you can protect your ears from damaging volume levels. And they won't distort the music. This is made possible by acoustic filters that block sound across the full range of frequencies, which are incoporated into a TPE canal in the foam. The filters block just enough noise to keep your ears from ringing the next day. The music remains clear. You can even have conversations with these ear plugs in your ears. What sets MusicMinders Ultra apart is that these are made of viscoelastic memory foam. They are soft and effective at blocking sound, forcing noise through the filter. The membrane inside the filter is permeable to air, so your ears won't feel muffled the way they can with regular foam plugs. Thanks to the memory foam, MusicMinders are comfortable enough to wear all day, and their ergonomic shape is designed to fit a wide variety of different ears. And they're easy to use! You don't have to be an expert with ear plugs to get a great fit from MusicMinders. MusicMinders Ultra ear plugs are also inexpensive, at less than half the price of ordinary silicone musician ear plugs. A free keychain carry-case with each pair makes it easy to keep MusicMinders ready whenever you need them, at home or on the go. Choose from two levels of sound attenuation:
  • MusicMinders 15db - 17 dB SNR / 11 dB NRR
  • MusicMinders 20db - 19 dB SNR / 11 dB NRR
You can select the right amount of sound blocking for your genre and venue. MusicMinders Ultra ear plugs provide you with the ability to hear music clearly, in an affordable and easy-to-use foam earplug. Their light sound attenuation is ideal for taking the edge off hazardous noise, preventing noise-induced hearing loss, and still enjoying the music. Consider MusicMinders not only for concerts, but also for sporting events, and for music students and teachers. See Also