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MRI Safe Pro-Ears ReVO Premium Noise Protection Ear Muffs for Babies and Children (NRR 25)

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NOTE: Before ordering this product, please follow this link to important information about bringing your own hearing protector to your scan appointment: MRI Safe and What it Means for Your Upcoming MRI Procedure NOTE: Pro-Ears MRI Safe Revo may not work for MRI procedures that require the use of a head coil (as used in brain scans), because the ear muffs may not fit inside the head coil. Before ordering this product, please discuss with the MRI scan center staff where you have your appointment, to determine if a head coil will be used and if so, if the ear muffs will fit inside the head coil. Pro-Ears MRI Safe Revo ear muffs will add approximately 13 centimeters to the width of your head. Pro-Ears MRI Safe Ultra Sleek are the thinnest MRI Safe ear muffs available (See and order below. Sleek will also fit babies up to average sized adults), so if Sleek muffs will not work, you will need to use ear plugs for your procedure instead. For scans not involving the head, Pro-Ears MRI Safe Revo ear muffs are a great choice. These hearing protection ear muffs for babies and children are an excellent choice for MRI patients to wear during loud and frightening MRI scans, offering just the right amount of hearing protection and a super comfortable fit. At NRR 25, ReVO is one of the highest rated ear muffs made to fit children available at any price. Compare that to other kid ear muffs with ratings of NRR 19 to 21. If you are planning to take your child with you at shooting events, rock concerts, NASCAR events, or other very loud venues, ReVO is absolutely your best choice.

ReVO is a truly revolutionary noise protection ear muff packed with premium features. Unlike ordinary kid ear muffs that are nothing more than a repackaged grown-up earmuff, ReVO was made to fit your child, from the ground up.

ReVO premium features and benefits:
  • Heavily padded headband, sized for a child's head. Great size for smaller adults too.
  • Extensive headband adjustment that allow for many years of use as your child grows.
  • Extra padding in the ear seals to gently seal against a child's tender face and head.
  • Super soft Pro Form Leather ear pads to reduce irritation and sweating under the pads.
  • Smaller ear cup openings to better fit young children and babies.
  • NRR 25. One of the best noise reduction ratings available anywhere in a hearing protector made for kids.
  • CE certified.
  • Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

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