Marpac Hushh Portable White Noise Machine for Baby

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It's a big, loud world out there - but with Hushh, you can swaddle your baby in soothing white noise no matter where you go. Soothe your baby to sleep, and help him or her stay asleep, with a calming, consistent sound environment that - thanks to the portable Hushh - can now travel along with you on the go. Set the machine by the crib at naptime, and you won't have to walk on eggshells to prevent your baby from waking up. Clip Hushh to your stroller, and your baby can ride in a bubble of comforting white noise that helps to mask any disruptive sounds around you. Hushh is so small and lightweight - less than four inches wide! - you can bring it with you wherever the day takes you. Help your baby relax better, sleep more deeply, and stay asleep longer with Hushh. Marpac Hushh Features
  • Sound that Soothes - Create a consistent, comforting auditory environment for your baby
  • Sound Masking - Prevent every-day noises from waking up your baby at night or during naptime
  • 3 Sound Options - Choose from bright white noise, deep white noise, or soothing surf
  • Portable - Hushh is charged and ready to go: attach it to a stroller or car seat (baby-safe clip is included), or set it on any flat surface
  • Child Lock - Lock in your desired sound and volume, and keep little hands from changing the settings
  • Nightlight - Amber LED nighlight provides a soft, friendly glow, with only just enough light to see by
  • Rechargeable - via convenient USB charging cable (included)
  • Simple - easy buttons for volume, sound selection, and ON/OFF
  • Guarantee - one-year manufacturer's warranty
UPC # 0 36005 40510 6 Hushh is less than four inches across, but it can make such a big difference for you and your baby - you might just be amazed at how much a tiny white noise machine can change your life. White Noise Sample Sounds - Listen! You May Also Like
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