Mack's ThermaFit PVC Foam Ear Plugs (NRR 29) (40 Pair Bottle)

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Mack's ThermaFit Soft Foam Ear Plug Features:
  • Latex free
  • Made of PVC; starts out stiff for easy insertion, then softens with body heat for maximum comfort
  • Cylinder Design
  • Discreet Beige Color
  • NRR 29
Mack's ThermaFit Soft Foam Ear Plugs Mack's ThermaFit™ PVC Foam Ear Plugs are an excellent all-around hearing protector, ideal for a wide variety of applications. With a good NRR of 29, Mack's ThermaFit™ Ear Plugs are tough enough to block noise from power tools, shooting sports, snoring, and stadium events. What really sets Mack's ThermaFit™ Ear Plugs apart, though, is their heat activated fit. Like any other foam ear plug, Mack's ThermaFit™ plugs must be rolled down prior to insertion, but Thermafit, made of stiffer PVC foam is much easier to insert. Once the plugs are inserted into the ears, they then expand to fit the inside of the ear canal, where ThermaFit™ ear plugs' heat-reactive formulation makes these ear plugs especially good at adjusting to fit the ear canal, as the foam reacts and softens in response to body heat. This enhances fit and greatly improves comfort. With good NRR 29 protection from noise, and with heat-reactive foam to create an extra comfortable fit, Mack's ThermaFit™ PVC Foam Ear Plugs are ideal for a very broad range of settings and activities:

  • Sleeping
  • Studying
  • Relaxing
  • Working
  • Shooting
  • Travel
  • Using power tools
  • Stadium sports events
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