Mack's Audibles Personal Sound Amplifier (One Device w/Accessories)

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Mack's® Audibles™ Personal Sound Amplifier Features
  • Sound amplification so you can hear subtle sounds better and more clearly
  • Two different modes of sound amplification to fit your surroundings
  • Clearer, enhanced hearing of voices and speech
  • Analog and digital tech combine to provide clean, detailed audio
  • Swivel design is comfortable to wear in either ear
  • Includes an assortment of ear tips to fit nearly everyone
  • Soft touch controls are simple to use
Mack's® Audibles™ Personal Sound Amplifier Details Mack's® Audibles™ Personal Sound Amplifier lets you turn up the volume on your world. By amplifying the sounds around you, Audibles™ can give you the "boost" you need to better hear the sounds that matter. Speech that seems quiet or muffled can become clearer again with Audibles™. And with both analogy and digital technology working together, the sound quality you receive is enhanced, crisp, and detailed. You don't have to keep missing the details. With Audibles™, you can have control over your auditory environment again. Audibles® are comfortable to wear, with a sleek, simple, and stylish design. Multiple sizes of ear tips are included, so you can get a good, secure fit and keep the ear piece in place. The amplifier ear piece offers a swivel design, so you can easily switch Audibles™ to either ear. These personal assistive listening devices are easy to use. Choose from two sound enhancement modes, based on your preferences and environment. Audibles™ is operated via soft touch controls that are raised, easy-to-locate, and easy-to-use. Even the battery is quick to replace, with a unique door for simple placement. An on/off button design means you don't have to take the batteries out between uses. When you need to be able to hear more clearly, Mack's® Audibles™ Personal Sound Amplifiers are the sound choice. See Also
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