Mack's Acoustic Foam Ear Plugs (NRR 20) (Tub of 100 Pairs)

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Mack's Acoustic Foam Ear Plug Features:
  • Ideal for any music-lover who prefers ultra soft foam ear plugs
  • Innovative sculpted design reduces sound blocking
  • Tapered plug and flared end means they fit virtually everyone
  • Neutral color - perfect for subtle wear at the club
  • NRR 20 protection from noise
Mack's Acoustic Foam Ear Plugs Mack's Acoustic Foam Clear Sound urethane foam ear plugs are the perfect solution when you want to be able to hear the music or people speaking to you, but you want an inexpensive ear plug. Mack's Acoustic Foam ear plugs feature an innovative shape that reduces the amount of sound they block. This simple idea makes Mack's some of the only foam ear plugs you can use at a concert or club and not suffer that blocked-up-ear feeling. Mack's Acoustic Foam ear plugs are also highly recommended for motorcycling, sleeping, yardwork, small caliber shooting and hunting, study and concentration, and workplaces up to 105 dB. CE certified for compliance with European laws. Tub of 100 individually-wrapped pairs. UPC #0 33732 01196 9 More Mack's Acoustic Foam Ear Plugs
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