Mack's AquaBlock Reusable Swimming Ear Plugs (2 Pairs)

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Mack's AquaBlock Reusable Swimming Ear Plug Features:
  • Waterproof protection for swimming and bathing
  • Triple-flange design allows for a good seal against water
  • Ultra soft, ultra comfortable, more customized fit
  • Doctor recommended to help prevent swimmer's ear
Mack's AquaBlock Reusable Swimming Ear Plugs Mack's AquaBlock Reusable Swimming Earplugs are a good quality swimming ear plug at an economical price. These swimming ear plugs are made of pre-molded silicone rubber -- a soft material that, combined with these ear plugs' triple-flange design, makes for a very comfortable fit and an excellent seal against water. Mack's AquaBlock ear plugs are reusable, so one pair of these great plugs can potentially last through a whole swimming season with proper care and the occasional cleaning in warm, soapy water. And as an added value, these AquaBlock Earplugs come two pairs to a pack! Available in clear and purple. Carry case also included. UPC # 0 33732 00012 3
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