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Loop Ear Plugs for Music

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Prevent Ringing Ears in Style Loop Ear Plugs tackle the problem of protecting your ears while enjoying music in a fresh and innovative way. Loop earplugs allow you to hear music and voices clearly and naturally, while simultaneously reducing the volume to prevent ringing ears and noise-induced hearing loss. And Loop has a totally unique design, for a sleek and stylish look that is truly unlike any other ear plug out there. The Science Behind Loop Loop ear plugs may look more like fashion accessories than hearing protectors, but those little rings aren't just there to look cool. Each loop is a 3D-printed acoustic chamber that sound must pass through before entering the ear. Sound waves resonate inside the hollow channel, which is the same length as the ear canal; the sound has a quarter wavelength resonance at 2700 Hz. After moving through the acoustic chamber, sound then must pass through an acoustic filter that reduces the volume evenly across all frequencies. The acoustic filters are installed in Dynamic Ear Company's labs. Dynamic Ear Company's acoustic filters are all 100% acoustically tested to meet their expert standards, and each Loop is quality tested under UV light to ensure it is leak-free. The result is an ear plug that mimics the natural ear canal, providing clear and natural hearing with about 20dB of noise reduction. This is enough to keep your ears from ringing the day after a concert or a night at the club. Hear Music Naturally Other ear plugs can block out a great deal of noise, but the sound quality you hear suffers as a result. Foam ear plugs, which generally block the most noise, are the worst offenders when it comes to cutting out some frequencies more than others, giving you a "muffled" feeling. Loop ear plugs are a new spin on natural sound musician's ear plugs, which allow you to hear everything clearly and accurately, just at a reduced volume. With Loop's unique look, protecting your hearing while you listen to live music has never been more stylish.  
High-End Ear Tips for Comfort Loop ear plugs come with an assortment of ear tips. These tips are responsible for sealing the ear canal, ensuring that sound must pass through the acoustic channel and the filter before entering the ear. The ear tips are also what makes Loop plugs so comfortable. Silicone tips are provided, in two different sizes; a set of Comply thermo-reactive memory foam tips are also included. With several types of tips to try out, you can get an excellent fit from Loop ear plugs, so they won't wiggle loose, fall out, or make your ears ache. Loop ear plugs are comfortable, they are effective at protecting your ears, and they allow for clear, natural hearing. And they have a look and style unlike any other ear plug available. Stop the ringing ears and have more fun with Loop.

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