Hocks Noise Brakers Natural Sound Shooting Ear Plugs

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Hocks Noise Brakers® natural sound shooters ear plugs provide smart hearing protection, by converting any loud noise to a safe sound level of 80-85 dB -- with no electronics and no moving parts that can fail. These exceptional ear plugs block dangerous sounds, while still allowing you to hear safe sounds and normal conversation, making them ideal for shooting, construction, industrial applications, and loud music venues.

Hocks Noise Braker® Filter ear plugs use the Accelerated Resonant Decay principle to convert sonic energy into thermal energy by means of compression acceleration. (The rise in temperature is so minute you will never even notice it!) In plain English, this means Noise Brakers® bounce part of the dangerous incoming noise back out of your ear, and that piece of sound partially cancels out the incoming noise, reducing it to a safe volume level. The louder the dangerous noise, the more sound that gets automatically canceled out. As a result, no sound over approximately 85 decibels is allowed to pass through the filter into your ear!

Hocks Noise Braker® Filters feature a multi-flange design for a comfortable fit and a good seal every time for average to large sized ear canals. Note: Our unique BlastBuster Shooter's Ear Plugs also feature the Hock's Noise Braker filters and fit small to average ear canals. Both of these products come with a convenient carrying case for easy portability. For an even better seal and a fit comfortable enough to wear all day (even under a helmet!) Hocks Noise Braker® Filter ear plugs are also available with full custom molds. See information near the bottom of this page.

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