Got Ears? HatPhones with Built-in Earphones - Wide Headband

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Got Ears? HatPhones offer comfort, style, and the ability to listen to music anywhere you go while wearing a fashionable, warm and comfy hat!

Each Got Ears? HatPhones has two built-in inside pouches that hold a pair of specially designed, slim-profile speakers. Just pop the speakers into your Got Ears? HatPhones, plug the attached audio cable into your favorite sound source (MP3/iPod, iPhone/Android/Smart Phone, Laptop, CD Player, etc), and you'll be listening to music while keeping your head warm and toasty in no time. Got Ears? HatPhones are specially designed to fit comfortably down over the ears, so unlike wearing regular earbuds or headphones with a regular hat, Got Ears? HatPhones can (and will!) keep your ears warm while you listen to your heart's content.

Perhaps you're tired of trying to take your hat and your earphones everywhere, and you're tired of lugging around so many different accessories. Or maybe you just want to take your favorite tunes with you anywhere you go, no matter the weather. Either way, Got Ears? HatPhones are super comfortable and offer good sound quality. The positioning of the speakers inside the hat is easily adjustable, too, so you can get your Got Ears? HatPhones to fit perfectly -- with the speakers right over your ears -- every time. And unlike earbuds, you can wear your Got Ears? HatPhones for hours without any discomfort, because the speakers are held gently in place over your ears with no painful pressure on the ear or ear canal.

Got Ears? HatPhones aren't just stylish and useful; they're also clever and versatile. The speakers can be easily removed so you can wash your Got Ears? HatPhones any time. You can also convert your Got Ears? HatPhones from a listening device to a humble hat in a matter of seconds. Just take your Got Ears? HatPhones off, tuck the wires up into the top of the hat, and put it back on -- no one will be able to tell that your stylish hat is actually an awesome set of headphones in disguise!

Got Ears? HatPhones are perfect for cold-weather walking and jogging, for sports games or practice, for riding the subway, and for traveling to and from work or class. Got Ears? HatPhones are also perfect for family gatherings or any other event where you might want to be able to listen to music here and there on the fly (and then quickly stash your headphones out of sight again, no pockets or purse required).

Of course, Got Ears? HatPhones are so comfortable -- and sound so good -- that you may find yourself using these instead of your regular old earbuds for all of your music listening needs.

Got Ears? HatPhones with Built-In Earphones Features and Benefits:

  • Each hat contains 2 internal pouches + slim speakers for music listening
  • Speakers adjust position easily inside the hat, even during wear
  • Fantastic comfort and pain-free listening for hours on end
  • Stylish and warm: fully covers the ears for additional warmth
  • Combines your hat and earphones -- one less thing to carry!
  • Tons of colors and designs to choose from, from understated to eye-catching
  • 3.5mm audio jack fits all standard sound sources (MP3, smart phone, etc.)
  • No batteries required

Got Ears? HatPhones Technical Specifications:

  • 1530*1200MM Cord TPE; 48" Cord
  • Φ3.5*3P-Plug with Gold; Gold Plated, 3.5mm Standard Stereo Plug (fits most portable music sources)
  • Speaker Φ3016-32ΩM; 32 Ohm Impedance
  • Frequency range: 20-20000Hz; Use As Is
  • Rate power: 20mW; Rated Input Power
  • Max.power: 50mW; Maximum Input Power
  • Sensitivity 110+-4dB; Use As Is

Tip: Headphone Hats also make a great gift!

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