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Happy Ears Reusable Natural Sound Ear Plugs - Version 2.0 (FREE Shipping!)

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Happy Ears Ear Plugs 2.0 - Make your ears happy. If there's one thing we all have in common, it's that we love sound. The voice of a family member. That song that brings back old feelings. Sound triggers memories; sound can inspire. But noise can also be distressing. In urban environments in particular, sirens, traffic, and noisy neighbors have become a common plight. And our world gets busier and louder every day. That's why Happy Ears is on a mission: help the world listen. It's one of those simple ideas that can have a profound effect. By blocking out some of that noise, you can turn down the volume on the world while bringing the sounds you love into focus. Happy Ears ear plugs give an average noise reduction of about 25 dB across all sound frequencies, which means you get protection from harmful noise while maintaining natural sound clarity and detail. Happy Ears 2.0 brings even more sound attenuation than the original. Version 2.0 also fits better than ever with three sizes available. Happy Ears Sizing Guide Ear Plug Nominal Diameter:
  • Small: 6-8 mm (red)
  • Medium: 8-9 mm (white)
  • Large: 9-10 mm (black)
The majority of users (60%) wear medium size Happy Ears earplugs. Happy Ears Quick facts:
  1. Filter harmful, disturbing noise
  2. Hear clearly with no muffled feeling
  3. Reusable (produces less waste than foam)
  4. Natural sound at an affordable price
  5. Easy to use
  6. Funded through Kickstarter
  7. Award winning product
  8. Made in Sweden
Who Needs Happy Ears? This hearing protection solution is ideal for people who want to sleep more restfully, travel more comfortably, work more peacefully, and listen to music at concerts and clubs clearly, yet safely. See Also