Got Ears? Ultra Soft Memory Foam Ear Pillow

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Our own ultra soft Memory Foam Ear Pillow is designed specifically to let you sleep on your side comfortably even when you must have a device in your ear. Whether you use a tinnitus masker, a Snoremasker Pro, a reusable or foam ear plug, our Memory Foam Ear Pillow will let you have it all: you can wear your device throughout the night and get a great night's sleep without the pain you too often feel when lying on your side with a device in your ear. Our Memory Foam Ear Pillow was originally designed for patients recovering from ear surgery so they could sleep on their sides without huring their ears, so you know the Ear Pillow will make you more comfortable too. At approximately 10" by 8" by 3" deep, our Memory Foam Ear Pillow can be used alone or placed on top of another ordinary pillow for the height you prefer. The sides are slanted inward so your head is comfortably and securely supported. The hole in the center is sized to accommodate nearly everyone from kids through adults. Please note: As a bedding product, we cannot accept returns on this item if the seal is broken on the pillow package.
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