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Flents PROTECHS Music Reusable Ear Plugs (NRR 27)

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PROTECHS™ Music Reusable Ear Plugs Features:
  • Reduce the decibels without blocking out the music completely
  • Soft, flexible triple-flange design with air-cushion tips
  • "Turn down the volume" during concerts or practice
  • Washable and reusable to last for many shows
  • NRR 27 protection from noise
PROTECHS™ Music Reusable Ear Plugs When you consider trying hearing protection for live music, consider this: concerts are often louder than industrial work places, clocking in at 90-100 dB or more. When music is your passion, it makes sense to be passionate about your ears, too. PROTECHS Music reusable ear plugs can bring a 100 dB concert down to 73 dB. That's enough noise protection to "turn the volume down" to a safe level, without blocking out the music you came to hear in the first place. PROTECHS Music reusable ear plugs offer several great features for music fans and musicians alike. They're corded, so you can sling them around your neck between sets without losing them. They're reusable, so with a gentle wash between uses, you can keep on wearing these ear plugs at show after show. Easy grip handles let you slip these ear plugs into your ears quickly and remove them easily when you are done. And an air bubble built into the tip of each ear plug provides extra cushioned comfort, so your hearing protection stays comfortable. One corded pair with gray storage case. You May Also Like