Fitcheck Solo by Michael and Associates, Hearing Protector Testing and Validation System

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FitCheck Solo™ Benefits:
  • Check attenuation to find the right ear plugs
  • Works with all brands of in-ear products.
  • Test ear plugs as they are actually being worn
  • Works with your laptop for maximum portability; test right on the line
  • NIOSH developed for testing hearing protection
  • Comes with CDC/NIOSH proprietary software
  • Comes complete with Software, User manual, Custom Audiometric Circumaural Tuned Headset, and a Wireless Mouse.
FitCheck Solo™ Product Information One of the biggest challenges that comes with using hearing protection in the workplace is understanding just how much noise blocking a protector provides. The rated NRR is a good guide -- but without a proper fit, workers are not necessarily getting the rated protection. In fact, most individuals don't understand how to properly insert their ear plugs to get the optimum results. This means the amount of noise exposure workers are subject to throughout the day can vary -- a lot. The FitCheck Solo™ takes the guesswork out of hearing protection. Using only the FitCheck Solo™ and a laptop, you can test exactly how well an individual's hearing protection is working. And unlike other tests, FitCheck Solo™ checks the effectiveness of ear plugs without requiring the subject to remove the ear plugs from their ears. This system actually lets you monitor how well ear plugs are working as they are currently being worn. That means no more trying to estimate that critical human error factor when calculating daily noise exposure. Testing takes less than 10 minutes and can be done virtually anywhere, even right on the line. The system is easy to transport and simple to use, and the results are delivered right there in real-time. The included software was developed by the CDC and NIOSH, and refined by the makers of the FitCheck Solo™ to be easy-to-use and extremely accurate. FitCheck Solo™ Features & Details Find the Right Ear Plugs
Measure the effectiveness of any ear plug, any time. The FitCheck Solo™ allows you to test ear plugs as they are actually being worn: test your current hearing protection, factor in that important rating-vs-reality difference, and try out new ear plugs to find the best solutions for your workers. Test, Teach, and Learn
With the FitCheck Solo™, you can help your associates understand how well they are using their ear plugs. Testing different insertion techniques is now possible to do quickly and easily, on the fly. Using this tool, you can learn and teach others how to use their ear plugs to get the very best possible results. Anyone could potentially use this system to test their own personal attenuation rating (PAR) as often as you want to let them. Gold Standard Testing
FitCheck Solo™ and the original FitCheck have been verified through independent studies to provide test results that are representative of ANSI S12.6-2008, which is the 'gold standard' for hearing protector attenuation measurements. Audiometric Circumaural Tuned Headset
This over-the-ear headset has been fine-tuned over the last 20 years to provide a safe, comfortable, and highly effective method of testing in-ear hearing protection. The headset is dependable, durable, simple to use, and highly portable. Test in the field, on the line, or anywhere else your work takes you. Accurate, Reliable Software
Developed in conjunction with NIOSH's HPD Well Fit™ system, and licensed from the CDC/NIOSH, this proprietary software comes with the FitCheck Solo™ to provide the most accurate results available. Using the software is simple: the BlueTooth computer mouse is the primary control for this software, and with it, you can simply scroll and click your way through the testing process by following the provided prompts. 1 year of free upgrades and support for the software is included. Further annual support and software upgrade contracts are available after the first year. With the ability to test the actual fit and noise reduction of ear plugs, virtually anywhere, we are confident to say the FitCheck Solo™ is the best ear plug fit testing system money can buy. Even More Information
FitCheck Solo Brochure (PDF)
From the CDC: HPD WellFit™ System Information (article) Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions: email us any time at - we are here to help!
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