Etymotic Enlite Quiet Sound Amplifier - One Pair

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Etymotic Enlite® Quiet Sound Amplifier® - Pair The Enlite Quiet Sound Amplifier from Etymotic Research is an easy-to-use personal sound amplifier that doesn't require a referral or a licensed professional. When you need to make the world around you one click louder, the Enlite can help, especially with hearing speech and other quiet sounds.  
Previously known as the Ety Bean, the Etymotic Enlite brings the same great features. Watch the video to learn more.

The Enlite Sound Amplifier is smart. Its unique circuitry automatically senses the ambient noise level, giving it the ability to only amplify soft sounds. Quiet noises are amplified in high-fidelity with a detailed high end, while the loud sounds you can already hear just pass through the earpieces naturally. This dramatically improves intelligibility of the consonant sounds in speech (the same high-pitched noises that are often taken first by noise-induced hearing loss). Enlite brings conversations back into focus, even in noisy settings.

A personal sound amplifier is a little like a pair reading glasses: you don't need to see a doctor to get one, it's very inexpensive compared to the ones you could get from a professional, and it comes ready-to-use right out of the box. If you want to experiment with hearing enhancement without the expense and hassle of going straight to a hearing professional, Enlite is a great place to start. And if you don't need hearing aids, but do want to give your hearing a boost, Enlite is the perfect solution. Etymotic Enlite sound amplifiers are ideal for:
  • Classrooms
  • Movies & theater
  • Church services
  • Watching TV
...and for any time you want to communicate more easily with co-workers, friends, and family. Serious Hearing - Seriously Easy Enlite is ready to use right out of the box. The controls are simple, and it has just two preset levels of amplification to toggle between. It requires no programming or adjustments. It doesn't require a referral or any visits to a licensed professional. It comes with seven different pairs of eartips, so you can get a fantastic, comfortable fit without needing to get custom molds made. It lasts up to ten days on a single tiny battery, a whole package of batteries are included, and a gentle low battery alert sound lets you know when it's ready to be changed. What's in the Box
  • Enlite Quiet Sound Amplifier - 1 Pair
  • 7 pairs of assorted eartips for an excellent fit
  • Package of size #10 zinc-air batteries
  • Filter changing tool
  • Spare filters
  • Leather case
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