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E-A-R Classic SuperFit33 PVC Foam Ear Plugs (NRR 33)

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E-A-R Classic SuperFit PVC foam ear plugs give you the benefits of easy insertion like the Classic, but with the higher rating formerly only available in UF foam ear plugs. With their PVC foam construction, these earplugs are on the stiffer side, which makes for easier insertion. Once inserted, ear plugs also tend to soften, helping them conform to the shape of the ear canal for a soft and comfortable fit. The material is also flame-resistant and moisture-resistant. Classic SuperFit has a special visual indicator stripe on each ear plug that tells you definitively if the user has the earplugs properly inserted. Properly inserting hearing protection ear plugs is critical to get the full rated noise reduction, and these plugs make getting that proper fit easier than ever. The stripe should not be visible when the ear plugs are properly inserted down into the ear canals. See Also