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E-A-R EarSoft Yellow Neons UF Foam Ear Plugs - LARGE (NRR 33)

New! Now available in a larger size, for those with larger ear canals.
If you are unsure whether you need a larger ear plug, Try 'em All! E-A-R EarSoft Yellow Neons UF foam ear plugs feature a very soft, smooth, gently tapered shape to provide one of the most comfortable disposable foam earplugs available, and all without compromising protection. These are stiffer than some other UF foam ear plugs, but without sacrificing comfort. Being a little stiffer can actually be a good thing, because stiffer ear plugs are easier to insert. At NRR 33, these ear plugs offer excellent protection from noise, making them suitable for extremely noisy environments and industrial workplaces. The neon yellow color is bright and easy to spot from a distance. Need average size EarSoft Yellow Neons? See Also