Earasers Peace and Quiet Earplugs

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Earasers Peace and Quiet ear plugs are designed to help you block out unwanted noise to get better sleep. There are two big differences between Peace and Quiet and other ear plugs for sleeping:
  • First, Peace and Quiet ear plugs are reusable, unlike the popular foam ear plugs which should generally be replaced with a new pair each night. This presents nice savings in the long term, and the Earasers plug material is flexible and comfortable (never ticklish or itchy).
  • Secondly, Peace and Quiet ear plugs only block out mild to moderate noises, particularly in the high registers. This makes these ear plugs perfect to block out gentle snoring, the hum of the AC, or other light night time noises. That means that with Peace and Quiet ear plugs in, you'll still be able to hear voices calling, kids crying, or your alarm clock going off in the morning. These ear plugs just take the edge off, rather than blocking out the whole world.
The shape of these Earasers Peace and Quiet Earplugs is quite clever. These ear plugs have a very low profile, practically disappearing inside the ear. (Pull tabs on each plug allow for safe and simple removal.) This makes Peace & Quiet ear plugs comfortable even for side-sleepers, and helps prevent the plugs from falling out when you roll around at night. The shape of these ear plugs is also smart: they are oval, not round, just like your ear canals. And since they're available in three sizes, Earasers Peace and Quiet Ear Plugs are ideal for nearly anyone who needs just a little extra help getting to sleep. Get to sleep faster and sleep with less disruption with Peace and Quiet Ear Plugs -- and still be sure you'll hear your alarm clock in the morning, too.
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