Earasers MotorSports HiFi Earplugs (NRR 5)

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While there are a lot of options to protect your ears while you ride, many motorcycle ear plugs attack the problem by blocking out as much noise as possible. But while it is important to keep your ears safe when you're exposed to the rumbling engines and roaring crowds you find at motorsports and racing events, cutting out ALL the sound isn't necessarily the solution. Experienced riders know that wind noise is the real enemy. What if you could block out that damaging, fatiguing wind noise - without blocking out traffic sounds and voices? Earasers MotorSports HiFi Earplugs have the solution. These new, super low-profile ear plugs help you cut the wind noise without damaging your situational awareness. Too much wind noise can make it hard to focus on the road: there is just too much sound bombarding your ears - and your brain - for you to maintain concentration, and the overload causes stress. Earasers takes just a little of the noise off the top (these are the standard -19dB filters which provide about NRR 5 noise blocking) so you can still hear everything around you - just with less wind noise. Noise fatigue is very real... and Earasers can keep your ears from getting stressed out and ringing later. (That ringing can indicate noise-induced hearing loss, which is permanent!) Though they cut out wind noise, Earasers still let you hear other important noises clearly. Need to make a stop at the gas station? You can talk with the clerk without removing your earplugs. Need to make a phone call? No need to take earasers out first! You can even enjoy music while wearing Earasers, whether it's playing through your helmet or your stereo. Yes - they're that good. Stay safe, cut down on wind noise, and above all, enjoy the ride with Earasers MotorSports Earplugs. Tip on sizes:
75% of men use Medium
75% of women use Small
75% of young adults use Small We now only have small available. Keep your Earasers ear plugs like new with the Earasers Renewal Kit! Related Items
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