Earasers Mini-BigShots CIC Digital Hunting Hearing Aids w/ Sound Compression and Enhancement (NRR 30)

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BigShots CIC Features:
  • Fits completely in the canal (CIC) for ultra low-profile hearing protection
  • Speech Enhancement improves speech comprehension in noisy environments
  • Protects the ears from blast/impact noise from gunshots
  • Hydroguard™ resists water, wax, sweat, oil, and corrosion
  • WhistleBlocker™ eliminates buzzing and whistling
  • WindBlocker™ reduces wind noise
  • 90-hour battery life (battery size: 10A)
  • NRR 30 noise protection
BigShots CIC Details: Mini-BigShots™ CIC (Completely In the Canal) is a hyper low-profile hearing protection and enhancement earpiece for competition shooters and hunters. When BigShots CIC is in your ears, it's barely visible even if you know what to look for! This tiny package offers big benefits for shooting and hunting, including both smart hearing protection and clear speech enhancement. Mini-BigShots work by letting you hear better than you could without the earpieces in. With the 100% Digital Amplifier, sound is amplified, speed is enhanced, and your hearing remains clear - until a gunshot occurs. When that blast noise occurs, the earpieces compress the dangerous sound in a flash with an impressive <15 mS attack time, switching flawlessly from hearing enhancement to hearing protection. And with a <60 mS release time, you're back to hearing clearly in slim fractions of a second. With Mini-BigShots, you won't miss a beat. With their dual function capability, you can control the volume and toggle between active microphone and mute modes, giving you good control of not only what you hear, but how and when you hear it. With Layered Noise Reduction, Mini-BigShots is ready to protect your ears even in extreme conditions. Comes with three sets of eartips (small, medium, and large) so you can get the right fit. Shell colors are translucent red (right) and blue (left), with black faceplates.
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