Earasers Safety Industrial Noise Hi-Fi Earplugs Corded (NRR 16)

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The best hearing protector is the one workers will actually use. Earasers solve the problem in two ways. First, Earasers won't give you that muffled feeling you can get from foam ear plugs and other hearing protectors. This is because Earasers let you hear what's going on around you clearly, just at a lower volume. You could even use your cell phone with the plugs still in your ears! Second, Earasers are extremely comfortable and low-profile. The plugs are so tiny, they have little pull tabs to help you easily remove them from your ears. They fit comfortably under hats and helmets, and thanks to their Smart Seal™ design, they stay put without a problem. And the material won't make your ears sweat, tickle or itch. Note that these plugs feature a low to moderate amount (NRR 16) of noise blocking. No two workplaces are exactly the same, and high-noise hearing protection isn't the best fit for every situation. When you need to turn down the volume while still maintaining clear situational awareness, and when comfort and compliance are more critical than extreme hearing protection, Earasers Industrial is the perfect choice. Tip on sizes: 75% of men use Medium, 75% of women use Small, and 75% of young adults use Small. We only recommend ordering the Large size if you already know from experience that you definitely need a larger ear plug. Available in corded (pictured) and uncorded. The cord is a nice-quality lanyard with a clip so you can keep your Earasers Industrial earplugs safe, without fear of dropping or losing them. Keep your Earasers ear plugs like new with the Earasers Renewal Kit! You May Also Like
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