Earasers Cleaning Wipes (Box of 30)

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This is a box of Earasers Cleaning Wipes. Use these wipes to keep your Earasers ear plugs in good condition between uses. Ear wax, dust, and dirt can all build up on your ear plugs, making them less comfortable and less effective at blocking noise. Clean ear plugs always form the best seal against noise and provide the most comfortable fit. These cleaning wipes are germicidal, with an anti-bacterial formula designed to dissolve ear wax. Keep your ear plugs - and your ears - safe and clean. Earasers suggests using one wipe every other week to keep your plugs tidy. But if your ears produce wax at a higher rate, and you wear your earplugs every day, you may need to wipe down your ear plugs more often. Includes one box of 30 cleaning wipes, each in an individual packet. Related Items
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