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E-A-R Taper-Fit 2 UF Foam Ear Plugs - LARGE (NRR 32)

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New! Now available in a larger size, for those with larger ear canals.
If you are unsure whether you need a larger ear plug, Try 'em All! E-A-R Taperfit 2 UF foam ear plugs are some of the softest and smoothest earplugs available today. That makes them ideal not only for blocking out sound in industrial work environments, but also for keeping noise out while you sleep, study, or relax. With NRR 32 protection from noise, Taperfit 2 earplugs are ideal for a wide range of applications. They aren't just effective - they are comfortable to wear, too. The dermatologically safe foam is non-irritating to the skin. Made of self-adjusting foam and with a tapered shape, the Taperfit 2 from E-A-R provides excellent noise reduction in an extra-comfortable, low-pressure design. The trademark E-A-R Yellow color provides high visibility for compliance checks. We also offer Regular-Sized Taperfit 2 Ear Plugs. See Also