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E-A-R Soft FX UF Foam Ear Plugs Corded (NRR 33)

E-A-R EarSoft FX UF foam ear plugs, with their flared-end, streamlined design, were strongly preferred to other shaped polyurethane plugs by many users. Made of super-soft foam, E-A-R Soft FX UF foam ear plugs are shaped to fit the ear canal more effectively than other foam earplugs can, for a comfortable fit for a wide range of users, and for extended wear. EarSoft FX earplugs provide excellent hearing protection: NRR 33. This makes them suitable for high-noise industrial environments, as well as for shooting, power tools, sleeping with snoring, and any other situation in which loud noise poses a threat to safety. These earplugs are corded, making it easy to hold onto them during work or other activity. Also available in uncorded. See Also