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E-A-R Soft Blast UF Foam Ear Plugs Corded (NRR 33)

E-A-R Soft Blast UF foam ear plugs are nice simple UF foam plugs with a racy orange flame design. These are ear plugs that workers can actually get excited about wearing. A small thing like having cool flames on the side can change the way wearers feel about ear plugs for the better. These hearing protectors offer a good, average fit. E-A-R Soft Blast earplugs have a good rating of NRR 33 - one of the highest ratings you can get out of any hearing protection device. This makes them suitable for work, as well as for sleep, shooting, NASCAR races, fireworks, parades, and more. These plugs are corded, making them easier to keep track of, and making it less likely that they will get dropped or lost. See Also