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E-A-R Classic Plus PVC Foam Ear Plugs in Pillow Pack - Large/Grande (NRR 33) (Box of 200 Pairs)

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E-A-R Classic Ear Plugs are the tried and true standard in industrial PVC foam ear plugs. The Classic Plus, previously known as the Classic Grande, is slightly longer than the average-sized Classic PVC foam ear plug. This makes it a good fit for those with larger-than-average ear canals. Another added benefit is that these slightly larger ear plugs provide higher protection than the average and small size Classic Ear Plugs do, at NRR 33. These popular yellow cylindrical PVC foam ear plugs have several benefits. The stiffer PVC foam material is easier to insert than softer UF foam, for an effective fit. The cylindrical design makes rolling down the ear plug prior to insertion easier, a key factor in getting effective protection. The slow-recovery foam to contours to your ear canal for long-lasting comfort. There's a good reason Classic is so popular. NRR 33 protection from noise makes the Classic Plus a superior choice for high-noise environments, industrial settings, and other workplaces with extremely hazardous noise levels. E-A-R Classic Plus: MFG# 310-1101 UPC# 10080529100518 See Also