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E-A-R Classic Small PVC Foam Ear Plugs in Pillow Pack - Small/Amigo (NRR 29)

This product can be ordered in single pairs, full boxes, or cases.
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E-A-R Classic Ear Plugs are the tried and true standard in industrial PVC foam ear plugs. These ear protectors are made of a firmer PVC foam in a cylindrical shape, as opposed to other plugs made of slightly softer UF foam (typically in a bell or bullet shape). These PVC plugs are stiffer and firmer, which makes them easier to insert than softer foam plugs. And after the slow-recovery foam has a few minutes to soften up and expand inside the ear canal, they provide excellent comfort. There's a good reason Classic is so popular. Another advantage to these stiffer E-A-R Classic cylindrical foam plugs is that they're easier to roll down for proper insertion - essential for safety in high-noise areas. E-A-R Classic Ear Plugs are also flame-resistant for situations in which arc flashes may occur, and moisture-resistant for consistent fit and performance even in humid environments. E-A-R Classic Small ear plugs are slightly slimmer (lower diameter) than the regular E-A-R Classic average-sized plug, to suit those with smaller ear canals. NRR 29 protection is appropriate for a wide variety of industrial workplaces and high-noise environments. Bright yellow color helps with compliance. E-A-R Classic Small: MFG# 310-1103 UPC# 10080529100525 See Also