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E-A-R Ear Plugs in Dispenser Refill Bottles

Now these great ear plugs from 3M, E-A-R, and Peltor are available in handy dispenser bottles. Just snap a dispenser bottle of the ear plugs of your choice onto the original E-A-R One-Touch, or the new E-A-R One-Touch Pro Metal Dispenser, and the plugs you need are available at just a touch. These are the same great disposable foam ear plugs you are used to, but without all the trash you get when employees discard the poly bags the plugs usually come in. The dispenser is designed to save on plugs too. Each turn of the handle releases a single plug into the palm of your hand, so the employee is less likely to grab a wasteful handful of plugs when he just needs a couple of pairs.
Order the dispenser and refill bottles of earplugs below