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E-A-R EarSoft Yellow Neons UF Foam Ear Plugs Corded (NRR 33)

E-A-R EarSoft Yellow Neons UF foam ear plugs combine a very soft, smooth, gently tapered shape to provide one of the most comfortable disposable foam earplugs available, and all without compromising protection. The patented yellow color makes compliance checks easy. The simple tapered design makes it easy to insert these ear plugs into the ear canals for a proper, comfortable, and effective fit. Corded ear plugs like these are easier to keep track of in the workplace. While they are a little more expensive than the uncorded EarSoft Yellow ear plugs, they are also harder to drop and lose, and require replacement less often as a result. At NRR 33, these ear plugs offer excellent protection suitable for a wide range of noisy applications, from hazardously loud industrial environments, to sleeping with intense snoring, and everything in between. See Also