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DownBeats Concert Hearing Protection Reusable Ear Plugs (NRR 18)

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DownBeats natural sound ear plugs deliver the hearing protection you need to avoid the "sonic hangover" -- ringing ears -- the day after the concert. When music is something you're truly passionate about, protecting your ears just makes sense. After all, noise-induced hearing loss (yeah, that ringing ears is a warning sign) is permanent. DownBeats provide natural sound along with more noise reduction (NRR 18) than you find in many other musician's ear plugs. DownBeats ear plugs are designed to keep your ears safe while still maximizing your concert-going experience. Comfortable & Low-Profile
DownBeats ear plugs are comfortable, with high fidelity soft silicone material sculpted into a double-flange design. This reduces irritation, so you're not worrying about your ear plugs while you take in a show. The fit is also low-profile. Natural Sound Hearing
DownBeats reduce sound evenly across all audible frequencies. This means DownBeats don't distort sound, so you can still clearly hear music and voices. DownBeats are ideal for concerts, band practice, music festivals, nightclubs, marching bands, dance halls, and anywhere else with loud music you want to hear -- without the ringing ears the next day. Includes a stylish and durable carry case (available in black, blue, or purple). This sturdy case will keep your DownBeats ear plugs safe between uses. Also, the case is actually made of metal, so it looks just as cool and high-tech as the ear plugs inside. Mfg Part#: 727908610048
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