Marpac Dohm Uno White Noise Machine

This item has been discontinued. Don't panic! Go back to view all White Noise Machines. Dohm Uno: Pure, Simple White Noise The Dohm Uno white noise machine takes white noise back to basics with this simple machine. With Dohm Uno, there are no complicated sound sets, no complex switches or buttons, and no chirping crickets. Instead, Dohm Uno supplies sweet, sweet white noise in its purest form. Just press the button and the white noise will begin. You can adjust the pitch of the white noise with Dohm Uno. Like everything else about this white noise machine, pitch adjustment is simple. Just rotate the top/outside of the machine. This will cause the air slats to line up differently, changing the way the white noise sounds. Because it's so simple to adjust, you can change Dohm Uno's white noise to suit your surroundings whenever you like. Just twist the top back and forth until you find the most pleasing setting for your unique ears. Dohm really did go back to basics here. Previously known as the Dohm Basic, the Dohm Uno white noise machine has a single speed, and there are no recordings to choose from, no screens to read, and no repetitive patterns to deal with. Dohm Uno delivers white noise straight from the source. This is pure, clean white noise that has never been recorded and never ever loops or repeats. Use Dohm Uno White Noise Machines at home or at work. Mask background noise and take the edge off co-workers' conversations with Dohm on your desk at the office. Or use Dohm Uno at night to help you sleep better and stay asleep longer, drowning out unwanted noise. Remember to pack your white noise machine when you travel, too, to make your hotel stay much more restful and your whole trip more relaxing. Dohm Uno is proudly made in the U.S.A.
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