Westone DefendEar Digital DX5 Custom Shooter's Ear Plugs (NRR 26)

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NOTE: This Product Requires Ear Impressions. A do-it-yourself impression kit is available as an option, or you can obtain ear impressions locally. Please View Instructions Before You Purchase This Product. Learn about Slick-Sil AntiMicrobial Coating. Highly Recommended. DefendEar DX5: Custom Digital Noise Suppression with Five Modes Westone DefendEar Digital DX5 Custom Shooter's Ear Plugs allow you to customize your hearing protection with five programmed modes that can cover you from the range to the forest to clay shooting and competitions flawlessly, all with the same set of custom hearing protection ear plugs. All modes provide sound enhancement so you can track subtle game sounds, and all modes also feature impulse suppression, ensuring your ears stay safe, no matter your surroundings. Get a perfect, reliable, comfortable fit and all the features you need to take your game to the next level, all in one pair of DefendEar ear plugs. You can even customize your custom DefendEar DX5 with a variety of body colors, from the low-profile disappear, to custom-colored camo, or even glitter! Combine the body color with your choice of metallic door color (with gunmetal finish exclusive to the DX5) for a sleek, modern look with just the right look. Having so many choices means you can design your own ear plugs to fit your style as well as your ears. DefendEar DX5: Five Modes to Choose From In all modes, the DX5 provides protection against impulse noise, and amplifies safe surrounding sounds so you can maintain situational awareness in any setting, indoor or outdoor. Game Mode: Outdoor Game Shooting
When a blast noise occurs, the DX5 reduces output levels and protects against hazardous impact noise. After the blast, sound amplification kicks back in. The program uses a single mic, with a wind noise reduction algorithm to keep the sound you hear clear. With this program, you can keep tabs on your surroundings, hear game clearly, and protect against gunshot noise, all at the same time. Clay Mode: Outdoor Clay Range
Shooting clays means being subject to much more rapid fire, as other shooters are typically adding to the noise. This program protects against loud, prolonged periods of frequent blast noise. The program uses a single mic with an active wind noise reduction algorithm to keep safe sounds such as voices clear. Range Mode: Indoor Range Firing/Large Caliber
Indoor ranges present one of the greatest threats to a shooter's hearing, and the DX5's Range Mode is designed to help defend against that auditory assault, providing reduced output levels. Note that this mode will degrade speech, providing less communication capability, in exchange for heightened protection. Dual protection is recommended for indoor range shooting, so a pair of ear muffs over these custom plugs is advised for long sessions at indoor ranges. Wireless Communication: General Outdoor Shooting
This program provides situational awareness, but with a focus on communication over tracking game sound. The DX5 Neck Loop (not included) adds wireless audio input, and this mode increases those wireless levels. Improved since the previous DefendEar shooter's models, the DX5 produces brilliantly clear, crisp sound quality for satisfying and reliable communications. Additionally access full two-way communications with the optional SRC harness add-on; includes remote PTT transmit switch and mic for basic remote access to radio functionality. Note that the neck loop is sold separately. Hunter Mode: Outdoor Hunter/Game Stalker
Similar to the outdoor game shooting program, this mode is designed to provide ambient sound amplification and protection against blast noise. But designed for the hunter stalking through the forest, this mode provides comparatively less ambient noise amplification, reducing the crunch and rustle of your footsteps through grass and dry leaves. A single mic with the algorithm for wind noise reduction still ensures clear hearing. Though each program is optimized for a general setting or condition, you may find that your own preferences vary. No two sets of ears are the same, and perception of sound varies with each individual, so trying different programs during your different activities will allow you to find the mode that works best for you. The protection from gun blast noise remains constant in all modes, so you can experiment safely. DefendEar DX5 Features DX5 Features Overview:
  • Full professional custom fit
  • Five digitally optimized programs
  • Protection from blast noise in all modes
  • Customizable body & door colors
  • Vocal feedback
  • Mute function
  • Volume & program auto-save
  • Water Shield hydrophobic protection
  • Digital volume control switch
  • Dedicated on/off switch
  • Low battery warning
  • Size 13 battery
  • NRR 26 hearing protection
  • IPIL: 37.3/44/42
  • 2-Year manufacturer's warranty
Vocal Feedback
The DX5 communicates with vocal alerts and cues so you can use your digital shooter's hearing protection easily and intuitively. Vocal feedback tells you which mode you're using as you switch through modes, so you can always ensure the program running is the program you want, and alerts you at minimum and maximum volume levels to prevent frustration and keep you oriented. Vocal alerts will also keep you informed about battery power, so you never end up unpleasantly surprised. Mute Function
The DX5's power button also provides a mute function, so you can focus uninterrupted at critical moments. This mode is especially well-suited for competition shooters, who may require intense concentration to set up, call, and aim shots. Mute gives you more control of your auditory input with the touch of a single button, making it easy and quick to block out external distractions for optimal performance on the fly. Volume & Mode Auto-Save
The DX5 features a special auto-save feature that keeps get your hearing protection ready to go when you are. These digital ear plugs will remember your last combination of settings, both the program/mode you were using and the volume you had it set to - and the memory persists even when you turn the earpieces off or change batteries! The DefendEar DX5 minimizes the time you spend fiddling with your ear plugs, so you can focus your full attention on hunting and shooting while keeping your ears defended. See Also
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