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Decibullz DIY Custom Molded Ear Plugs for Shooting Decibullz Custom Molded Percussive Shooting Filters are custom-fit ear plugs designed for hunters and shooters. These combine excellent NRR 31 hearing protection with a DIY custom fit and special percussive filters that protect against gunshot noise. The filters ensure that hazardously loud noise is cut down to a safe level, keeping your ears safe in the field or at the range. Not only is gunshot noise suppressed, but so are other very high sound pressure noises such as artillery fire and explosions. Decibullz Custom Percussive Shooting Filters defend your ears with no batteries required. Created for Shooters and Hunters With NRR 31 protection from noise, Decibullz Percussive Shooting Filters are ideal for hunting and indoor and outdoor range shooting. Note that for longer shooting sessions, you may want to double up and wear Decibullz underneath a pair of ear muffs. Called the Dual Protection Method, this tactic ensures your hearing protection is as effective as absolutely possible - and for firing particularly loud weapons over long periods of time, that maximized protection comes highly recommended. It's not just volume that counts: the longer the exposure, the greater the risk to your ears. Your hearing is one of your strongest assets. Be smart, use common sense, and protect yourself with Decibullz custom shooting earplugs. A Perfect Custom Fit A full custom fit is a serious asset. Hearing protection is absolutely critical to prevent hearing damage while you shoot - but you need ear plugs that won't be a nuisance or slow you down. With Decibullz, your earplugs will fit your unique ears perfectly, so they won't wiggle loose or fall out. They also won't hurt your ears after long periods of use, allowing for extended wear. And because you do the custom molding process yourself, Decibullz cost a lot less than traditional, professionally-made custom ear plugs do. The Only Re-Moldable Ear Plugs The custom molding process is easy and only takes five minutes. Just warm up a cup of water and drop in the moldable earpieces. The thermo-reactive material softens in response to the heat, letting you shape the earpieces to perfectly fit your ears. There is no putty to mix and no mess to clean up. And best of all, there's no stress: if you don't get the fit quite right the first time, just repeat the process! The Decibullz are the only re-moldable ear plugs, and they let you keep trying until you're completely satisfied with the way the ear plugs fit in your ears. What's in the Box
  • 2 Sets of Decibullz Thermo-Fit Earpieces
  • 2 Percussive Shooting Filters
  • Premium Hard Case for Storage & Transport
  • S/M/L Max Isolation Foam Tips
  • S/M/L Triple-Flange Silicone Tips
  • Instructions
  • 1-Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
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