Crescendo Office Ear Plugs (NRR 10)

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Crescendo Office Ear Plugs introduce an innovative new way to increase both comfort and efficiency for office workers. A busy office is typically full of noises, such as nearby conversations and ringing telephones. Whether you are trying to write code, design a print ad, or simply answer a complicated email, those common, every-day office noises can become serious distractions. Crescendo Office ear plugs restore the peace and quiet you need to concentrate and do your best work by providing light, NRR 10 overall hearing protection, with up to 20dB of sound reduction at some frequencies.

Crescendo Office ear plugs are totally unique. Unlike other ear plugs, which are designed for protection in high-noise environments, Crescendo Office is designed especially for use in a mildly noisy office. Office ear plugs cut just enough sound so you can let ambient conversations fade into the background, while telephones ringing become less disturbing. This is incredibly helpful for employees in an open-plan office space, who need to focus on their work, not what's being discussed three desks over. At the same time, the noise reduction Crescendo Office provides is unobtrusive: you can still have a clear conversation with someone nearby (without that muffled or isolated feeling other ear plugs can cause), you can still hear overhead announcements and phones ringing, and all the day-to-day office sounds are still there... just at a lower volume.

Eliminating or "turning down" all those office noises can significantly increase your efficiency and comfort during the workday. Without all those auditory distractions (whining computer fans, buzzing fluorescent lights, chattering coworkers...), you will be able to focus and concentrate better on your work. Not only does that improved focus obviously contribute to better efficiency, but the quiet can actually make you feel better, too. Noise fatigue is very real: a day spent trying to ignore annoying distractions can leave you feeling more exhausted than a day spent in a quieter environment. By cutting down on that fatigue, Crescendo Office ear plugs can actually help to lower your stress levels.

Crescendo Office ear plugs come with two different sizes of plug tips so you can get a snug fit that is comfortable enough for all-day wear. With a low-profile design, soft triple-flange ear tips, and two sizes of ear tips to try out so you can find the best fit for your unique ears, Crescendo Office is a unique and ideal choice for office workers seeking more peace and quiet to get work done. With an occasional washing with warm water and soap, Crescendo Office will last for weeks or even months of daily use.

Crescendo Office Package Includes:
2 sets of interchangeable tips (small and large)
1 set of interchangeable Office sound/water filters
1 rugged aluminum screw-top carry case with key chain See Also:

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