Bedphones Earphones for Sleeping (one set with eye mask)

NOTE: Bedphones are being upgraded, but the new version is not yet available.
In the meantime, please try Sleephones.

Bedphones Earphones for Sleeping solve the biggest problem people face when trying to listen to music while sleeping: the discomfort of the earphones in your ears. In-ear earphones can be uncomfortable to wear during sleep because of the pressure they exert on the ear canal, especially for people who like to sleep on their side. Over the ear headphones may be more comfortable, but they won't stay on while you sleep, and again, they won't usually work at all for side-sleepers. Bedphones solve the problem: the thinnest earphones ever created at under 1/4 inch thick, Bedphones are padded and soft, and slim enough to comfortably wear while you sleep.

These sleeping earphones use a bendable, rubber-coated, shape-holding memory wire you can comfortably shape over the tops of your ears to hold the super-thin speakers against the openings of your ears canals. This means you get earphone quality sound -- without the potential discomfort of having anything actually inside your ears -- and the memory wires keep the Bedphones in place while you sleep. Too, because the memory wire is adjustable and the earphones sit over your ear canals, not inside them, Bedphones are effective and comfortable for anyone. A perfect fit every time -- no sizing trial-and-error required! And best of all, the ultra-thin design and soft blue ear pads make these earphones super soft and comfortable, even if you sleep on your side.

Bedphones are so light, comfortable, and thin that you can finally enjoy your music while you're drifting off to dreamland. And with the included travel case, you can take your bedphones with you anywhere, so you can sleep well even in a noisy bedroom or strange hotel room. Also included is a free, soft satin eye-mask you can wear to block out light which can disturb your sleep cycle and prevent you from getting the rest you need.

Bedphones Earphones for Sleeping benefits:

  • Super-thin earpieces, less than 1/4 inch thick
  • Extra soft padding for comfort, even while sleeping on your side
  • Moldable memory wire ensures a perfect fit and keeps earphones in place while you sleep
  • Very good sound quality for an earphone for sleeping
  • Recommended by the American Tinnitus Association
  • Free soft satin sleep-mask (included)
  • Free durable carry case (included)
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