AVANTEK White Noise Sound Machine for Sleeping - with 20 Non-Looping Soothing Sounds

This item has been discontinued. Don't panic! Go back to view all White Noise Machines. Avantek White Noise Features
  • 6 White Noise Sounds + 6 Fan Sounds
  • 8 Nature Sounds including Rain and Wind
  • Non-looping, non-repeating sounds
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Tiny, compact design
Avantek White Noise Details This Avantek White Noise Machine is a tiny, portable white noise sound generator that fits in the palm of your hand. It offers 20 sounds to choose from, and it provides 30 levels of volume, so you can take control of your own auditory environment. Clean white color to match any decor. 20 Non-Looping Sounds: White Noise, Nature, and More! The Avantek White Noise Machine features 20 relaxing, non-looping sounds. Non-looping means you won't get stuck with irritating, repeating sound patterns. This machine offers 6 white noise sounds, 6 fan sounds, and 8 ambient sounds (streams, waves, wind, rain, birds, crickets, a campfire and a clock), so you can choose the perfect soothing sounds to listen to. Great for Sleeping The most common and popular use for white noise is sleeping. In our noisy world, getting a good night's rest is a challenge. Fortunately, white noise machines can help mask disturbing noises like traffic, inconsiderate neighbors, and snoring. The key is the sound masking: those white noise sounds contain no discernible information, so your brain automatically stops paying attention to the noise. You can relax with fewer disturbances. Put this tiny white noise machine on your bedside table, and you can sleep in peace. It also has a sleep timer you can set for 1 to 7 hours as you go to bed, saving energy overnight. After that set time, the white noise gradually fades away, so there is no sudden change in volume levels that might wake you up during the night. And once you've found your favorite soothing sound and ideal volume level, you're all set: this white noise machine's memory function automatically remembers your latest sound choice, volume level, and sleep timer. Consider Avantek White Noise for baby, too. By masking sharp and distressing noises, you can help baby to get to sleep (and stay asleep). White noise allows deeper sleep, with fewer interruptions. The whole house can sleep easier with white noise. Portable and Energy-Saving This Avantek white noise machine is tiny! The machine literally fits in the palm of your hand. It only weighs 9.8 ounces. This is an excellent sound generator to travel with. It can make it much more pleasant to sleep in a hotel room, where getting a good night's sleep is difficult. Many people like to run a fan at night to help mask noise. Consider replacing your fan with a white noise generator. This machine includes six whole fan sounds to choose from, and it consumes significantly less electricity to run than an actual fan does. White noise is a smart way to conserve energy. Beware of High Volumes This machine can produce volumes up to 115dB. It is highly recommended not to turn the volume up that loud for very long. It can be tempting to crank up the white noise when you can't sleep, but be aware that no matter how soothing it sounds, white noise is still noise - and too much exposure to any kind of loud noise is bad for your hearing. Manufacturer Warranty: 18 months from purchase.
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