ASTI Sound + Sleep MINI Adaptive Sound Sleep Therapy Travel White Noise Machine

This item has been discontinued. Don't panic! Go back to view all White Noise Machines. Compact, battery-powered white noise + sleep therapy on the go. The Sound + Sleep MINI is a smaller, portable, battery-powered version of the ASTI Sound + Sleep Therapy Machine. Only 5.5 inches long and weighing less than three pounds, this little machine is ready to travel, bringing high quality audio sleep therapy anywhere you need it. Powered by four AA batteries, via USB cable, or via AC power cable, this small white noise machine offers a rich variety of big, soothing sounds for a good night's rest. Adaptive Sound Technology + 48 Sound Options Adaptive Sound Technology (AST) is Sound + Sleep's exclusive technology for smarter sleep machines. The Sound + Sleep MINI can listen to its environment, and dynamically adjust its own volume in response to ambient noise levels. This is smart, self-adjusting white noise intelligent enough to shepherd you through the night on a cushion of soothing sound. The Sound + Sleep offers twelve base audio programs, each of which can be adjusted with multiple options including environment and complexity. Programs include ocean, rainfall, brook, and more. The result is up to 48 unique audio settings you can customize to suit your needs and tastes. These are top-quality audio programs with detailed, robust sound - and most importantly, no sound looping. Choose realistic, natural sound environments, or pick from pink, brown, or white noise. All will help block out disturbing noises so you can get a good night's sleep - the deep, restful sleep you really need. The Ultimate Travel Companion If you're traveling, you're probably tired. You need sleep to overcome jetlag and charge up for your next adventure. But sleeping in an unfamiliar environment can be a big challenge, even in a luxurious hotel room, and strange noises definitely don't help. This is exactly what the Sound + Sleep MINI is designed for. Pull the little unit out of your travel bag, plug it into the wall (or plug it in via USB, or just use the four included AA batteries) and you can create a bubble of pleasant sound to help you relax. Sound + Sleep MINI provides audio sleep therapy, putting you at ease and helping you get some of the best sleep you've ever had - even away from home.
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