InEarz Arsenal High-Fidelity Music Filter Modules (1 Pair)

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These Arsenal Music Filter Modules are part of the Arsenal Hearing Protection System. Arsenal Music Modules provide noise filtering for clear, safe hearing in noisy situations. These filtering ear plugs are ideal for hearing voices and music clearly. Turn the volume down with Arsenal Music Modules without distorting the sound, and enjoy a pleasurable listening experience that won't leave your ears ringing the next day. For concerts and clubs, for sporting events and arcades, for band practice or music lessons, protecting your ears from permanent noise-induced damage is critical. These hi-fi filter modules are also an excellent option for anyone coping with auditory sensitivity/sensory issues. Choose from different levels of noise attenuation for ideal listening in different settings. A lower dB level will be better for small-venue shows, practicing string/woodwind/orchestral instruments, studying in a school library, or working in a noisy office. Meanwhile, a higher dB level will be better for big arena concerts, stadium sporting events, practicing drums/horns/bass, and any other high-noise event where clear hearing is a must. Arsenal Music Modules work as stand-alone ear plugs with universal foam ear tips. They were designed, however, to swap into the Arsenal System as one of several possible available listening modes. Learn more about the Arsenal Hearing Protection System today, and get the most out of your InEarz Arsenal modules. See Also
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