InEarz Arsenal Dual Driver Earphone Modules

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These Dual Driver Earphone Modules are part of the Arsenal Hearing Protection System. Arsenal Dual Driver Earphone Modules let you transform your hearing protection into high quality headphones for music-listening. Dual drivers produce faithful, robust sound that's sure to please. One balanced armature delivers clear, crisp highs, while one dynamic driver simultaneously produces rich, smooth lows. Swap these modules in for a nuanced and satisfying listening experience on the go, at work, school, or anywhere else. When paired with the Arsenal Hearing Protection System's custom earpieces, these become full-fledged noise-isolating earphones: block out the world so you can focus on your music, in tailor-fitted comfort. Includes 48" detachable stereo audio cable (a standard 3.5mm 2-pin cord). Arsenal Dual Driver Earphone Modules work as stand-alone earphones with universal foam ear tips. They were designed, however, to swap into the Arsenal System as one of several possible available listening modes. Learn more about the Arsenal Hearing Protection System today, and get the most out of your InEarz Arsenal modules. See Also
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