Alpine PartyPlug Pro Natural Ear Plugs

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Discount pricing is available for volume orders. Please us for pricing. Alpine PartyPlug Pro™ Natural Features
  • Protects from dangerously loud noise
  • "Lowers the volume" without distorting music and voices
  • Natural hearing AlpineAcousticFilters™ preserves sound quality
  • AlpineThermoShape™ material is soft and comfortable
  • Reusable and comes with Alpine Clean cleaning spray (5ml)
Alpine PartyPlug Pro™ Natural Details Alpine PartyPlug Pro™ Natural Ear Plugs are designed especially for concerts, music festivals, clubbing, and any other loud event where clear, natural hearing is a must. PartyPlug Pro™ protects your hearing from the kind of high-volume noise that makes your ears ring the day after the show. At the same time, unlike with ordinary ear plugs, Alpine's filtered plugs provide natural hearing, so you can enjoy the music without distortion. It's just like turning down the volume. Natural Sound Filters - Sound Without Distortion Alpine PartyPlug Pro™ features AlpineAcousticFilters™ that filter out loud noise without affecting the sound quality of the music you hear. Most regular ear plugs attenuate different sound frequencies at different levels, cutting out the details and muffling the music. But PartyPlug Pro™ lets you hear music naturally and without distortion. You'll also be able to clearly hear voices while wearing these ear plugs, so you can have conversations without having to take them out. Comfort for All Day and All Night Alpine PartyPlug Pro™ is designed for comfort. The soft AlpineThermoShape™ material reacts to your natural body heat to continue to soften and conform to your ear canals after insertion. That means PartyPlug Pro™ fits securely and stays put. The material is silicone-free, smooth and non-irritating, staying comfortable even after hours of wear. The plugs are low-profile enough to wear to other noisy venues, too, such as clubs and parties with loud music. No More Ringing Ears - Protect Yourself from Damage If you guessed the ringing in your ears after a noisy night out is bad news, you're right. Loud music can damage your ears; the longer you listen, and the more noise exposure you get, the worse the damage will be. Over time, that damage results in hearing loss. And unfortunately, that noise-induced hearing loss is permanent. So that ringing, beeping, or other irritating high-pitched noise after the concert isn't just annoying - it's a serious warning sign. Protecting your ears at concerts now means you'll be able to hear and enjoy the music you love for years to come. Reusable + Cleaning Spray + Cord + Pouch Alpine PartyPlug ear plugs are reusable, so you can use them over and over again at concerts, clubs, and even for sporting events and travel. They come with a full set of free accessories, too. The cord will let you hang your earplugs around your neck between uses, preventing them from getting dropped, dirty, or lost. The pouch has a secure zipper, helping to keep your plugs clean between uses. You can just toss the pouch in your pocket or purse (or even clip it to your key ring) and go. PartyPlug Pro™ also comes with a 5ml bottle of Alpine Clean cleaning spray, which makes tidying up your ear plugs for the next use quick and easy. FYI, a little soap and water will also do the trick to clean these plugs, so don't worry if you use them all the time and the cleaning solution eventually runs out out. Just gently hand wash the plugs, rinse thoroughly, and let them dry. Of course, you can't beat the cleaning spray in terms of convenience - it will let you take care of your ear plugs no matter where you are! It's perfect for multi-day events and music festivals. PartyPlug Pro™ Ear Plugs - What's in the Box? Alpine PartyPlug Pro™ Natural can save your ears from noise-induced hearing damage and still let you enjoy your music to the fullest. Get the hearing protection you need, get rid of that ringing in your ears, and keep all the clarity, nuance, and detail in the music you love. What about the original Alpine PartyPlug? We have just a few of these left! The original PartyPlug isn't nearly as good as the Natural Pro model, but it is considerably less expensive. The original attenuates a little more sound on the high end, which results in some minimal sound distortion in the higher frequencies. By contrast, the Pro has virtually flat attenuation with no distortion - and it also actually blocks sound a little more effectively. Still, both PartyPlug models are very good choices for concerts, band practice, and going out. If you consider yourself a serious audiophile, you'll appreciate the Pro. See Also
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