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Alpine MusicSafe Natural Sound Musicians Ear Plugs (SNR 19/22)

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Discount pricing is available for volume orders. Please us for pricing. MusicSafe natural sound ear plugs from Alpine Hearing Protection offer the same great features as the MusicSafe Pro, except that the Classic version has two sets of interchangeable acoustic filters instead of three. The set of filters that is omitted in this MusicSafe Classic model are the white filters that offer the lowest attenuation. For professional singers and those using their MusicSafe ear plugs in environments where you need just a little attenuation to take the edge off the noise you hear, we recommend the MusicSafe Pro. For most applications, however, the MusicSafe Classic gives you just what you need: a choice of two levels of hearing protection. Silver filters provide 19 dB hearing protection, while gold filters provide 22 dB.

The calibrated filters are designed for listening to music while providing optimum hearing protection without loss of clarity. MusicSafe earplugs are very comfortable, and do not cause pressure on or in the ear. Instructions for use are included in the package.

For a value-priced alternative to MusicSafe Pro, and MusicSafe Classic we recommend Alpine PartyPlug ear plugs. PartyPlugs are fitted with a single set of filters that are not interchangeable. These filters are equivalent to the Silver filters provided with MusicSafe Pro and Classic, and are appropriate for many common applications. See Also